The Bright New Model


 The Bright New Model


(When I first heard of Linda Sain’s possible reassignment (for she will never retire as you know I figured I needed to get some help for the few words I want to add. I asked for help from my friend Jay J. at the Cadillac Advertisement Agency for help. Here is what he sent to me.)


         As you know, if you are school people,

                  Linda Sain has long been top of our line:

                  best selling and most reliable.


         Like all top models she has

                  predictable excellence as a key

                basic consideration.


         This stylish model is always

                  dignified and graceful,

                  yet maximally comfortable.


         Rough bumps in the road

                  such as bad breathe and short skirts

                  are handled by most effective shock absorbers.


         A smooth ride is a major trademark

                  and brakes are applied gradually

                  for a gentle slowing and stop.


         Acceleration is so quick and certain

                  that one is tempted to believe`

                  there is sports car engine under the hood.        

         A high resale value is obvious

                  and recall will not mean a broken part;

                  rather a satisfied new owner.

         For over time no detail

                  has been spared in the care

                  of this lovely luxury model.


         She will adjust well

                  to the needs

                  of the new owner.

         Few are created in this top of the line

                  that features suggestions for

                  all others to follow in their new models.


         This is our most sophisticated

                  and stylish model

                  and many might be surprised that she is

                  also our most reliable.


         For those bidding to be the new owner

                  a tip would be to add a major challenge

                  for she works best when the terrain is

                  in line with her talents.


         So see your bumpy road

                  in the profession

                  knowing there are possible solutions

                  if you remember the

                  model you saw.     Doug Minnis


Just for fun for my friend Linda Sain