About Honey do Lists


 About Honey Do Lists


Tell you what

take that honey do list

and hang it in the root cellar


Salt it well 

and hang it to cure

it is nothing more than a verbal ham.


The curing smell will let you know

that your responsibility is over

no need for further guilt.


The gate needs to be fixed,

the privet needs trimming and

the desktop is covered with yesterdays.


The bills are piling up,

the closet needs to be downsized 

and the bathroom walls need to be painted.


The last letter from Sue needs to be answered,

a birthday card for Adrienne

and the checkbook needs to be balanced.


The laundry is pilling up,

the cat needs to be deloused 

and got to get a haircut.


The cupboard is bare,

        shopping needs to be done

and time to cook some beans

All of this was added to the yesterday list

and hung to cure

so lavish in the glory of a task well done.


Leaders are made to serve

the needs of the folks

so they run for congress.


The elected ones meet each day

and confer about the critical problems 

we face each day.


Speeches are forthcoming

from the halls of

social cures and pounded with fiery speech.


We expect so much and get so little

they have learned to add to their Honey Do List

and let the problems cure in the root cellar.


Doug Minnis

March 2015


Son, Dorrick, and daughter, Adrienne, were just here doing the Honey do list. I write it ;they do it. While they worked I felt great virtue. It was also a time when congress was doing less than nothing and making sure we all were aware that they could not govern. Things that happen together sometime seem to be related