'23 Skidoo in my Home Town



'23 Skidoo In My Home Town


There was the Chicago scene with bathtub gin,

       fast parties, flappers

       and silk tie gangsters.

Then there was The Big Apple

     with smoky speakeasies, mellow jazz,

     poets and anarchists.

Hollywood had the dashing Doug Fairbanks

     and tinsel sprinkled by the

     glamorous Jean Harlow.

In Paris the Lost Generation was

      writing out

      the pain of The War.

All over the country the Stock Market was

     going up and up and up

     and life was good and fast.

To be alive in '23 was to wake up

     with a knowing smile

     that forecast

    whatever it was, it would be

    better by nightfall.

But not much of all

     this in my home town.

There '23 was a time

      for big sweaters,

      greased pompadours,

     funny hats and dresses,

     and cars.

Football and cars,

       basketball and cars,

      touring and cars,

     visiting the family farm and cars

     but most of all picnics and cars.

Serious grandparents

      and cars at picnics,

     courting couples

     and picnics by the car.

Smiling couples

     and children at picnics

     on the running boards

     of their cars.

Take a moment and look

     at the cars in photos

     with Stonewall, Monument Lake,

     Whiskey Crick, Cucharis Pass, North Lake,

    Blue Lake, and Model in the background.

Wherever a picture could be taken

      there were the cars

      looking like

    the family dog with wheels.

All the excitement in the world packed

     into the engine of a Model T.

Why, if I had all the 1923 cars

     in my family photo album

     I could sell them to Harrah's

     for enough

     money to buy Haiti, Cuba

      and still

      be able

     to picnic every day

     as they did in my home town

     in 19 hundred and 23.



Doug  Minnis


This is part of Trinidad Colorado written for the THS class of '46' 50th reunion. It sure was time of auto and photographs