The 1940's Room


  The 1940s Room

Posh glass and chrome

polished marble floors 

Valets parking Mercedes and Cads.


Busy and important loooking folks

moving like disturbed ants

       across the busy lobby.


The 21st century model 

of a travelers paradise

       for a day has a 1940s venue.


The door to the hall 

opens into the time machine

set for the mid 40s.


Sister Swing out do the Andrew Sister

with Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

to a sea of nodding white hair. 


The first notes of Rum and Coca-Cola

rouses dancers to the 

postage size dance floor.


Each couple wears their life’s story

on their lapels 

like the captions in old yearbooks.


Call them Don and Joann

high school sweet hearts

dancing as they have for 70 years.


Matching dancing outfits

with black and white shoes

they still dance to their old music.


And look at Sam and Yoshie.

He does the sailor Lindy Hop

and the war bride was a very fast learner.


Dancers stop and watch

for this is the way it was done

before dance was corrupted by Chicken Wing 


Last couple is Mary and Wilber

Mary best dancer in her class now with

two left feet, Wilber, the brilliant class geek.


Wilber could learn anything

but with Mary as teacher and 70 years

        of instruction he still has two left feet.


Matched perfectly in life

but not on the dance floor

where a big brain doesn’t boss the feet.



Winding down when clock hands meet

at ‘Round Midnight and 

dancers bend good night.


The end is marked not with

Goodnight Sweetheart instead

I’ll Be With You in Apple blossom Time.


Musical Brigadoon is over and

sad listeners head for the CD table 

to take home some time magic.


There will be a next time

assured by the by 

the young dance class members.


They will keep the 40s alive

after the white headed audience

and dancers are history.


Doug Minnis 9/16/14







My cousin Marvel and her family took me to a concert"Hot Jazz Jubilee"on LAbor Day 2014. It was smashing and stayed from 9;30 AM to 5:30PM. That was a long time for two octogenarians.It was a concert that moved right along with four different bands and very hot Jazz. The kindness to take me to one more Jazz festival