The 100th is Reward Award


 The 100th Is Reward Award


99 successful reincarnations

and you are ready for a reward

among those listed here in this menu.


You were so well lived

in the first 99

that now you get to choose.


Oh boy, I get to be

whatever I would like to be

for the next lifetime. 


I can be the first multi trillionaire

and have 200 homes and private jets 

to fly be all over the world.


I could enjoy the lovely company

of world class gold diggers

and live on champagne and lobster.


My yacht could put into parties in Cancun

and take the coolest folks to France

to have the party of the century. 


I could buy Zimbabwe and Haiti

and establish special schools with their own

        attached hospitals and cafeterias.


But wait a minute, there are many more items 

on the awards menu so I must take my time

and see who else I could be next time.


Now here is one of interest

a triple sport professional

swimming, football and basketball.


Eight Olympics golds won, MVP in playoffs

millions in endorsements 

and retired numbers hanging from rafters.


Guess not because there is 

no World Series ring and as trilionaire

I would be afraid I might get the Midas touch.


Glancing down the menu I see cancer cure 

inventor of a pill that has 100% cure and

the patent will make it possible to give it away free.


Only a guess but the major pharmaceutical companies

would violate my patent and sell for a fortune

what I would give away free. 


With their advertisement folks and patent attorneys

They would make billions and I would spend

         all my days in court.


Dictator of the US sounds neat

       that is my role in Fantasy Ruler Time

       and from that  game I know what needs to be done in minute detail.


But even if I did everything right 

I cannot predict the unintended consequences

and collateral damage.


So Midas, great athlete, the new and improved Einstein

and the great US dictator have many drawbacks

so I need to look further down the menu.


Other, now that sounds like a possibility.

        I have noted that no other menu item really

        rewards me for my successful 99 reincarnations. 


So I select other and request 

a second chance at 99

to see if I can improve my score.


Now then Iley the readerpeek at my most inner self. This me in the raw plays a game of being so many specail super beings that the reality is a most peaceful life choice.